...Is just beginning...

alchemyG.Y.D.E. is the result of keeping an open heart and a clear mind when tough love overrules and the way ahead looks cloudier. It’s the little wins we embrace and show gratitude for on the bumpiest paths. It’s the kindness of true friends and the warmth of good family when it’s needed most. It's the courage to be in the arena without any guarantees. It’s the pressure that, over time and intensity, makes diamonds. It’s in trusting that the work is in owning who you are through Love, Life, Lineage, and Legacy. 

I’ve been a dance teacher for as long as I can remember. Through teaching competitive dance and the physical demands it has on the body, my attention became focused on maintaining fitness, flexibility and mental wellness. I found hot yoga and never looked back. I love the challenge of moving through asana in heated spaces and holding myself calm and present through it all.

This brand is the marrying of the two loves of my life. The Yin and Yang of my body, And the incredible Athletes and Artists I’ve met along the way.